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Annie You Save Me (Single)


Wow, this song is 90’s as fuck.

No not late era grunge. No, not Britpop. Or any other decent sub genre of music that form in the otherwise godforsaken era of time. This is keyboard strings & blissed out vocals processed to sound as if they are being played through an old record. In fact the whole thing sounds like an old record & not in a good way.

To start with I was almost down with the 6’s brand of mellow yet upbeat songs “For people to play while they’re dolling themselves up” It reminded me of the White Town song that got to number one in the late 90’s. But then I realised what it really reminded me of.

Do you remember that song, I think it was by Moorcheeba or some else I had blocked out whilst waiting tables in expensive restaurants that should’ve had better CD collections. They used it on that dreadful channel four reality thing where they took Big Brother rejects, so a bunch of self absorbed, to Plenty kitchen roll levels, bullying morons and tolken fat lass prone to hysterics & stick them on an Island with a bag of rice & a film crew, then shoved it on for hours & hours on weekend mornings when all you really wanted to see was Mikata Oliver (she is the world’s greatest hangover cure) & maybe complain about how many Scrubs & Friends repeats are on whilst secretly being gutted it’s not one of the episodes with the Monkey/Stuffed dog.

I hated that show & I hated that song.

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