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Grande Duke

Bands are often described as having wide ranging influences.

This claim can range from the entirely accurate to the mostly false. Grande Duke definitely fall towards the accurate end of the spectrum, drawing from some hugely varied sources.

If I had to (and I do) I think the first band I’d mention would probably be Pelican, but with much better drumming. Grande Duke are masters of finding a groove and locking into it, with huge, rolling bass lines underpinning most of the tracks and a ringing guitar sound. The rhythms meander in and out of a variety of time signatures that wouldn’t be entirely out of place in a Charles Mingus or Miles Davis track.

Although the holy trinity of guitar, bass and drums forms the backbone of Grande Duke’s sound, they’re not afraid to bring in a selection of friends to help them out - sax, trumpets, accordion, spoken word and more feature here, lending an almost Tom Waits feeling to the proceedings.

Listen: www.myspace.com/grandeduke