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...Forever Is A Lie

Gunner Sgt

I have a confession to make; I got so bored listening to the first track of this EP that I paused it and went for a dump.

Bowels voided I returned to three tracks taking-in undertones from most areas of grunge and metal without ever making anything truly surprising or compelling. ...Forever Is a Lie functions as a greatest bits tour of these genres with Gunner SGT failing to find a sound of their own. Taking in shades of A Perfect Circle, Incubus and Stone Sour, strained 100 Reason-esque vocals segue into Layne Staley territory, shot through with sub-Alice in Chains riffage and watered-down Zakk Wylde guitar squeals.

I’m not saying they’re terrible; it’s all competently played and neatly put together, but if you’ve got anything else pressing at your attention Gunner SGT won’t keep you away from it and they certainly won’t make your anal sphincter tighten the way great metal should.

A bit like: Enter Shikari getting slowly fisted by Down after they’ve all taken way too much ketamine.

Listen: www.myspace.com/gunnersgtband