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Oh Ah Ee

Hannis Brown

Anyone whose PR uses the word ‘spastic’ twice in describing their music is not onto a winner.

Such is the case with LA experimentalist, Hannis Brown. Hurried, yet turgid, this monotonous work hops between crushed Brian Wilson (Gliss, Don’t Want To Go Anymore) and self-indulgent, hyperactive Samba (Nothing I Know Of), as if Santana and Wes Montgomery recorded themselves jamming on bad acid (nowhere near as good as that sounds). Eyes Closed threatens to be almost something, before it falls back to wandering up its own arse.

The tracks with onomatopoeic titles might as well be children destroying their school’s music room or over-crunked Jazzmen. ‘A snapshot of a drifting mind’, indeed.

Listen: www.myspace.com/hannisbrown