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Harold Nono + Hidekazu Wakabayashi

Harold Nono + Hidekazu Wakabayashi

If you were of a mind to dismiss this collaboration between Scotland and Japan, you would perhaps liken it to Boards of Canada being let loose in the Early Learning Centre.

That would be your privilege and your loss, for it is more akin to the soundtrack of some underground wonder from Studio Ghibli or the latest Keita Takahashi percepticon. I’m sure odd sprites made of dust floated out of my speakers while I listened to the album - although I couldn’t quite see them clearly. And upon the final windy fade-out of Wild Blue Yonder, I turned to see that all the objects in the room had been somehow rolled into a giant ball in the corner. Welcome, Misters Sunshine.

Listen: www.myspace.com/haroldnono, www.myspace.com/hidekazuwakabayashi