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For The Lions


If I made a list of records that were completely unnecessary, a covers album from Hatebreed would pretty near the top.

For a hardcore band, the cover is an integral part of the live set. It gives everyone a chance to show off their moves, point some fingers and sing-along. So it stands to reason that Hatebreed would record the odd cover at some point in their career. But nothing says “contractual obligation” more than a covers record, and at 18 songs long, I can’t imagine Hatebreed see For The Lions as more than just a cheap and easy throwaway release before they release their next album.

Of the 18 songs, the majority are from classic hardcore bands, with a few metal songs thrown in for good measure. It’s these metal songs that fare the worst - Metallica’s ‘Escape’ features some very questionable T-Pain style autotune and their cover of Sepultura’s ‘Refuse Resist’ is easily the worst thing on here. With the hardcore songs they fare a little better, particularly on the NYHC bands such as Agnostic Front and The Cro-Mags. However, their take on Black Flag’s ‘Thirsty and Miserable’ is particularly bad. As the title suggests, I’m sure Hatebreed are well aware of the reception For The Lions will receive. The only people who should buy this are fanatical Hatebreed fans - if you are considering purchasing this record, spend the money on an album by one of the bands Hatebreed cover. For The Lions should serve only two purposes. Firstly, it should act as a handy reminder of what classic (and not so classic) hardcore records you need to fill out your collection. Secondly, it will allow Hatebreed a way out of their record contract. Expect them to release a live album in the near future. This record is an unnecessary waste of time, money and effort. Don’t buy it.

Listen: www.myspace.com/hatebreed