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Killer Grass

Hayseed Dixie

Is there no end to the demand for ‘Rockgrass’ ?

Seemingly not, as Hayseed Dixie have released an eighth (geddit?) album, a multi-media extravaganza including music, video and re-mixable stems from every song. Truly an audio still to go blind in, if hyper-speed banjo-driven versions of Queen, Black Sabbath, The Prodigy and Mozart light your farts. There’s no argument with the musical talent on display but you may take issue with the Monty Python-on-hooch humour oozing over everything - there’s even a video on ‘how to hide the body’. One of those rare bands that can truly be judged only on their own terms, this album shows there’s little chance of the backwoods juggernaut slowing down any time soon. They tour the UK at the end of this month and into March - I’m looking forward to their take on Drum & Bass.

Listen: www.hayseed-dixie.com