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Love Technology

Heads We Dance

Britain has such a large number of underground artists around at the moment.

Any of them could just leap out and bite you in such a way that you think they could and should be the next big thing - so on that note, ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce my favourite new artist / band of 2009 - Heads We Dance.

My favourite genre is electronic and dance. When I first heard and reviewed the Heads We Dance single ‘The Human Touch’ late last year, I was blown away. I now have the not so hard task, more like another pleasure to review their debut album - ‘Love Technology’.

The album starts with the aforementioned single which is such a massive tune. I have DJ’d this single a few times now, and it has always gone down so well with the crowd. I recently played it to an unsuspecting bunch of misfits in Santorini; the place went ballistic for it. I love this tune so much it’s my ringtone!

The whole album has been inspired by great modern visionaries such as electronic godfathers Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, ‘Metropolis’ and Philip K Dick - and who hasn’t been!

Hailing from Leeds, Yoni, Pete and Becky have got their musical fingers in so many musical pies. There are so many wonderful sounds from synths, sirens, bleeps and basslines on this album. ‘Love In The Digital Age’ has a great old school computer vocal opening the tune before then going into the first verse. When all the vocals, male and female all come together, it’s a near perfect song.

New single ‘When The Sirens Sound’ has everything I could ask for in a tune; breaks, excellent vocals and sirens. No more needs to be said. The cover of Kraftwerks ‘Computer Love’ has had a million downloads since it was previously released as part of excellent Rewind 2 project organised by the Buffet Libre DJ’s. Note, if you haven’t got that album, get it, it’s free to download.

‘Ubik’ starts with a very basic electronic sound, and then it becomes this massive opera at the end, and really works. ‘The Gold City’ pulses along with a beautiful haunting sound from the backing vocals. ‘Low Carbon Life’ is next up, and it’s a lot slower compared to the rest of the album, which isn’t a bad thing, it slows you down ready for the last straight. It’s a wonderful track that constantly grows on you.

‘My Heart Is Set On You’ picks up the pace, and reminds me of very early Pets Shop Boys. The drums really keep the tune going, and should have been a little louder to boost the volume. The backing vocals were very quiet as well, when Becky’s vocals are used, they don’t seem to be used to their full compliment, which they should be.

When I reviewed the ‘Human Touch’ single, the b-side was ‘You Are Never Alone With Model 21’ and it works so much better as part of a longplayer rather than a b-side. A corker of a tune with a brilliant guitar sound to it. ‘Dial 481’ is a quick 1 minute intro to the album’s title track ‘Love Technology’. Embrace the technology and love it, is the main message on this tune. Well, I love the technology; your work is done here Heads We Dance.

The artwork for the album is also a success in my eyes, a lot of work has been put into it and it shows. The whole album kept me looking forward to the next track and when I unfortunately came to the end, I wanted more. HWD are a band to watch out for, keep an eye out for them playing near to you, as I really think they deserve a lot of success if this album is anything to go by. They have also released a fantastic Sci-fi mixtape, which is free to download via their myspace page.

Well done Heads We Dance, you should be very proud of your debut album.

This album is a must, source it out. Outstanding.

Listen: www.myspace.com/headswedance