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The Mountain

Heartless Bastards

First time I listened to this I hated it.

Like, properly hated it. It filled me with rage and made me want to stick things in my ears so I didn’t have to listen to it. I have to admit though, it’s actually starting to grow on me a little bit, I think.

Initially, I had a couple of problems. The music itself is pleasant enough, but it seemed a little bit bland and I really, really didn’t like the vocals. They sounded forced and awkward, and just rather annoying. Repeated listens have revealed hidden depths though, and I think I’m starting to warm to the vocals too. Erika Wennerstrom certainly has a distinctive voice, but I think my initial assessment was some way off the mark - it’s not forced, it’s just a bit… Well, odd. There’s an undeniable emotion and tenderness in there too, even if she does make me think of Frances Mcdormand in Fargo.

Musically the rock and roll country stylings fit well, and remind me in places of the theme to Firefly, which is the joint best TV show ever, along with The Wire. I’m still not really that keen to be honest, but I don’t hate it The Heartless Bastards any more.

Listen: www.myspace.com/heartlessbastards