Die Shellsuit, Die!

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Sounding like a cartoon is beaming into your brain by way of your ears, Copcar is the colourful and springy title track of this EP from Tennessee quartet, Heypenny.

Though they make take inspiration from the likes of Devo, their light-hearted tone on this EP is more akin to Chicago’s indie-popsters, Ok Go.

Second track, Oh No beams in this time like a sitcom episode complete with a chorus that sounds like audience interaction with chant’s of “Oh no, don’t do it!”.

In a different direction, last track Emperors New Clothes has wistful tones where the wandering vocals from singer and keyboardist Benjamin Elkins take on the guise of David Bowie. There are certainly a few things to keep the ears open and mind absorbed here!

Listen: www.myspace.com/heypenny