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Desperate Living

HORSE the band

HORSE the Band is band that has many misconceptions surrounding them.

The term ‘nintendo-core’ and frequent comparisons to Enter Shikari are often used to describe the Southern California quartet. Despite being pigeon-holed in this way by some, HTB remain cult favourites with their quirky, intelligent and yet ever so brutal sound. And four albums in, and Desperate Living shows no sign of them letting up.

The static-charged spazz of opening track Cloudwalker shows HORSE the Band are still one of the nuttiest around. Between the jarring synth and sample interludes and almost angular guitarwork are gang vocals and beatdowns a-plenty. At times the album sounds like a sordid affair between Mike Patton and John Williams with the Dillinger Escape Plan looking on waiting to cause more havoc.

This is chaos contained displayed in 8-bit without being too over the top and cheesy with electronics. If Kirby was ever recorded whilst under the influence of crack this would be the outcome. An album that sucks you in and sends you on a mini-head trip. Punishing, yet forward thinking.

Listen: www.myspace.com/horsetheband