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Kings College

Hot Hot Heat

As the end of summer creeps up like a baddie in a pantomime, Hot Hot Heat are on hand to prolong the fun by administering a vital dose of unadulterated indie-pop.

Pumping this fun juice into the quartet’s feel-good factor, which is on unlimited supply tonight in London’s Kings college, is front-man, Steve Bays. Singing his cartoon-style vocals through a wide grin, he animates No, Not Now by bopping about the stage while his unkempt curls flow all around him. Meanwhile, guitarist, Luke Paquin is also beaming as he projects the bands saccharine melodies, for their notorious formula, which sees no sign of diluting as they play new song, Let Me In.

Sat hammering away at the back of the stage, is drummer Paul Hawley. Decked out in a sweatband and white Tee, he appears like one of the 118 men from the TV commercials.

Steve plays the keyboard intro to Middle Of Nowehere, from 2005’s Elevator, he crowd are induced into a wistful sing-a-long, with the singer proclaiming he has only now ‘woken up’, before stepping up the energetic displays!

With their third album, Happiness Ltd, released later this month the band have proved that they have moved far beyond being simply known for just ‘that’ Bandages song. Yet despite this, the song does produce hyena pitched yelps among the crowd in the biggest reaction of the night.

As the finale arrives, HHH could not have ended with anything more appropriate than, Goodnight, Goodnight, as they bid farewell and the effects of their happy drug wears out.

Listen: www.myspace.com/hothotheat