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The Odditorium

Human Demise

Human Demise is broadly speaking a hardcore / metalcore band from the Netherlands, their new album The Odditorium on WTF Records is a brutal, balls out, punch in the face which I was only too happy to receive.

This band clearly do not sit comfortably in the hardcore / metalcore pigeonhole, or any pigeonhole for that matter, as they are definitely varied and interesting enough to surpass any pre conceived notions of genre, much in the same way as bands like Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan manage to do without sounding forced, or gimmicky.

The Odditorium begins with a blast of pacey, in your face hardcore punk, then promptly backed up by some amazing riffage, harking back to the good old days of bands like Downset, obviously minus the rapping thank god. This is non more evident on tracks such as ’Drowning In Sludge’ which has a more minimalist, stoner feel, complete with some lovely feedback work, which I am partial to.

There are also plenty of ’traditional’ guitar solos on this album which, depending on your stance, may enhance or worsen your experience. I for one was happy to let it wash over me without focusing on this slight comedy element.

If you are lucky enough to witness this band live, you should prepare for war, as I get the feeling that the raw energy of the music mixed with the aggression of vocalist Maurice’s style would make for an awesome festival of power violence.

Listen: www.myspace.com/humandemise