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Bass Balls (Single)


After a few years away, these Dublin rockers have finally returned with new material, after moving their base of operations to Berlin.

I don’t really know why - I suppose they wanted to help give us reviewers an opening sentence.

Bass Balls kicks us off with a rumbling guitar and frantic drums, like BRMC or a darker QOTSA, but with a nod to Ministry and other industrial fare. It’s all over in under three minutes, but the rhythm instantly gets under your skin, so you’ll have to go back for another listen soon enough.

As if to point out the bands’ versatility, the B-side is considerably more epic, stretching to over seven minutes long. The ‘neu’ should give you a hint that it’s a bit more of a krautrock number, with an ever-present synth line running through it as it strolls along, or (more appropriately I suppose) swaggers like Kasabian, instead of racing to the finish.

Listen: www.myspace.com/humanzi