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Moho, Manchester - Wednesday 1st April

Hundred Reasons

Another gig and another night at Moho which once again has that sleazy sex dungeon vibe to it on account of it always being a hot, dark and sweaty affair.

It’s emphasised by the band playing next door which if I recall correctly are called Sex Radio much to the fascination and amusement of support band Johnny Foreigner.

Having established that vibe, Hundred Reasons are about to smash it so that nearly all of the Topshop t-shirt clad guys in there who were planning to cop off in a dark corner (of which there are many in Moho) with a slim, raven haired young lady (of which there are many in Moho) gets immediately distracted by the roaring vocals of Colin Doran. Like a moth to a flame they soon find their way to the front of the crowd, crammed in, sweating and thrusting fists into the air which as we all know is a good sign of people having fun at these types of musical soirée.

For me, it wasn’t a fantastic performance technically, with some of the guitar tuning and vocals being way off from time to time but it wasn’t really noticeable to people who weren’t watching that critically and in any case, this isn’t opera we’re watching here and that sort of thing can be saved for the studio. This is all about energy and angst and people scrunching their faces as if in pain only it’s not pain they’re experiencing, its joy as they watch and listen to Hundred Reasons attempting to rupture peoples eardrums with their music … okay, in that case maybe some of it’s pain then.

Much of the crowd seems to be made up of the over-enthusiastic types you expect to see in just the first couple of rows at a small venue like this but when you look back a bit further you realise, that actually there’s more than just a few hardcore fans in.

What surprises me is that I remember the Hundred Reasons from about 7 or 8 years ago when they were pretty much a household name amongst NME subscribers and had people queuing for miles to meet them at the Reading Festival signing tent so when I look at a lot of the audience its quite a young crowd. This means I instantly presume it would be more recent stuff from ‘QTWSTA’ in anticipation of it’s reissue that would get the better responses when in fact the mention of epONE and songs from Ideas Above Our Station get by far the biggest response.

Add a little bit of crowd surfing from Colin and some regularly witty banter from Larry Hibbit and you’re left with an extremely satisfied and entertained audience.

I personally wasn’t overwhelmed by it all but looking around me; I could tell that I was very much in the minority on that judgement.

Listen: www.myspace.com/hundredreasons