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Sea Of Regrets (Single)


Before you know it you are soon engulfed in sadness like the waves of the ocean which I Like Trains use for describing the depths of misgivings, in their Sea of Regrets.

It’s the lead single showing there’s more to come from the Leeds four piece’s forthcoming album and follow up to 2007’s Elegies To Lessons Learnt. This offering is certainly a mood-setter with woe in full flow as the song creeps slowly with subtle guitars, strings and wispy sorrowful narration from David Martin. You can’t help but plunge with the singer into a deep melancholy which lifts momentarily during the silence before the next track. Alas, the impending downer sets in further with the weight of second song, The Spark and there’s no going back. Tissues anyone?

Listen: www.iliketrains.co.uk