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As Birds We’d Be Fine (Single)

Ice Black Birds

I want to like this band.

They sound like a cross between Kings Of Leon & Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Wonderfully English & bluesy in the same ways the Rolling Stones were. But they sort of sound like the far better The Old Romantic Killer Band, who should be doing far better than they are & if you can see them live do.

There is however a lot to like in both tracks, it’s solid & messy all at once. Shambolic, yet carefully crafted. The title track ’As Birds We’d Be Fine’ begins with some lovely guitar picking & post punk vocals. Tiny sounds making huge choruses & a big swell of brotherhood in the way only a great song can.

The far more blues infused second track “Doors” is dance floor filling magic. Indie pop Black Keys with a stunning breakdown, which includes insane falsetto vocals & howls, before kicking into the kind of clap along refrain that will leave every foot tapping.

If this is what Indie is doing these days, I’m going to get me down the disco.

Listen: www.myspace.com/iceblackbirdsuk