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Readers and Writers (Single)


I read an article about the Camden Crawl a while ago, which in itself is pretty unremarkable, but it drew my attention to the fact that Idlewild had a new album coming out.

It also passed comment on the large majority of acts on the Crawl which it saw as flash in the pan and would struggle to leave much of a legacy behind. Bar a couple of NME singles of the week, the occasional photo of a compromising situation in one of the UK’s many fine red tops and the inevitable second album meltdown.

This was in stark contrast of the performance of Idlewild and well over a decade of releases. While these days you might not get particularly far without some synths or a keyboard Roddy Woomble & Co are particularly adept at doing what they’ve been doing well since ‘I See Shapes When I Argue’.

It might never reach the highlights in my own personal opinion of ‘Hope Is Important’ and ‘100 Broken Windows’, ‘Readers and Writers’ is a fine addition to a maturing Idlewild. Free from label constraints ‘Readers and Writers’ bounces along with a parade style brass band, it’s an enthusiastic and joyful piece. You could almost call it pop, with its catchy chorus and hooks.

Curiously it doesn’t really mark a progression or decline for the band, just a consistently high bar which they continually manage to reach. Perhaps most welcome it marks Idlewild as a band who look likely of continuing to make music regardless of fashions and fads.

Listen: www.myspace.com/idlewild