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I have just taken “An Existential and cosmic odyssey.

A Transcendental adventure” apparently. Well, no I haven’t, I’ve sat in a chair & listened to record, a record that really likes repetition. A lot. Sort of to the point you could be mistaken for thinking they were all too baked to remember to play the middle eight so just kept playing.

For every moment of Sci-Fi infused phys-pop that makes me feel like I’m living in an endless lazy summer, but one where people invented jet packs & flying cars instead of things to put in your ear that make you look like you are talking to yourself, there’s a slightly self indulgent part that just bores me.

The moments this album gets right are pure genius, but then it suddenly slips back into meh territory. It’s deeply frustrating. I can imagine, with visuals & the right atmosphere this tracks would be utterly mesmerizing, as if you were living in Logans Run, but run by (previous tour buddies) Spiritulized instead of onesie loving ageists.

Listen: www.myspace.com/1kon5