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Herald Moth


Warning - This review was written in two stints.

The first took this album on face value and instantly dismissed it as a regression to a musical movement seven years past. The second time round I must have been in a far more nostalgic/sympathetic mood as it became apparent that Herald Moth was an irate/disheartened final siege on, what InMe might view as, fortified battlements around the metaphysical concept of musical success. A place where they previously stood and helped to build up said barricades until they realised they were left posturing on the wrong side of those fickle uprights.

In creating this album InMe have tried their damnedest to sound like Sikth (minus the pills) flirting with Iron Maiden (minus Eddie) which only results in labyrinthitis. Throw in lyrics as worn as Jordan’s snatch and you have the steaming dik-dik excretion that this Essex lot felt they should bless their baying public with.

It’s not all bad though as some of the musicianship is pretty damn good, it’s just a shame the songs they pen are scrapings from the barrels of bands whose arses are regularly snuffled by Kerrang. Unfortunately for InMe they missed their fifteen minutes and making the same trite myxomatosis as years before (they waned live then also) is in no way going to help their cause.

Actually they do earn themselves a split second grin for writing my current favourite crap lyric “You pissed in your own swimming pool this time”. Yup, they went there.

This aforementioned disdain for the industry that spurned them is all too apparent in song titles such as You Won’t Hear from Me Again, The Art of Moderation and Happy to Disappoint You. Now typically these would all be associated with the crumbling stronghold of a dying romantic relationship, however coupled with lyrics such as “We’re never going to make it” from All Terrain Vehicle and the bitter “What’s that shit on the radio” from Single of the Weak (complete with 130 BPM and sweeping phasers) and it can certainly be viewed as documenting the end of a relationship, just not a ‘gazing into each others eyes through candle light’ kind of relationship. Lamentably, like a large portion of jilted ex’s, InMe make the mistake of trying to feign an air of indifference whilst bitching vehemently about their situation.

Throughout Herald Moth certain chubby fingers can be heard attempting to be tucked into various musical pies, pies currently inhabited by the aforementioned Sikth & Iron Maiden, as well as these troubadours InMe also try their hands at some poppy post-hardcore a la Hundred Reasons or Funeral For a Friend, another band baiter is the daft chug on Ferocity in Desire which comes off as a bunch of skinny white guys posing in Tap Out t-shirts but not daring to enter the octagon.

All in all and none of that InMe.

Listen: www.myspace.com/inmeofficial