Die Shellsuit, Die!

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Bar Academy, Birmingham - 06.10.2008


It is difficult to not think that drum and bass/ dance/electronic has drastically become one of the most popular occurrences on the present music scene.

So when I first heard that there was a new band called Innerpartysystem, that were apparently as heavy as Pendulum but still had the lyrical intensity of a band such as The Faint I was intrigued. Liking both the first and latter I was itching to see this band live.

I was far from disappointed. They opened up with their newest single ‘Die Tonight, Live Forever’ the mood for the rest of the evening was instantly set. Darkness and then strobe lighting kicked in and the audience roared as the band came on stage, recognising that this was their latest hit. It isn’t often that I go to a gig where even though my ears are starting to hurt a little from the intensity of the bass line that I will still stand there and enjoy it to its full potential. Well tonight was a first! I was instantly drawn in by the catchy riffs yet lyrics to match. Let’s face it the majority of the time on or the other is compromised.

Before going to the gig I hadn’t really heard much of the material so I was a little pessimistic as to whether they would just be a one hit wonder. As they finished ‘Die Tonight, Live Forever’ the crowd were rearing for more tunes. The heat in the room was driven up by the pure excitement of everyone huddled together in the tiny Bar Academy. From the success of their first single, ‘Don’t Stop’ a sold out show was inevitable.

The band then went straight into the material from their latest self-titled album, teasing the audience as to whether they would include their first single ‘Don’t Stop’. The audience were electric with enthusiasm, joining in and singing to the majority of the songs that were played. If you’re a fan of bands such as Nine Inch Nails or Pendulum then these would definitely turn your cogs. Yes it may seem like a strange combination but these guys have it set down to a tee.

Finally the set was book ended with ‘Don’t Stop’, the floor was literally shaking from the sheer amount of people in the crowd thrashing around with excitement. Sometimes you feel a little disappointed when bands play a few songs that you have heard then play new material. I can gladly say tonight that this didn’t happen. Let’s hope that we see these guys in a bigger venue in the near future.

Listen: www.myspace.com/innerpartysystem