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Manchester Apollo - 08.07.2008


New York’s best-dressed band, Interpol graced the stage this evening looking as suave and trendy as ever.

A spur of the moment ‘warm-up’ show for T in the Park and Latitude festival, Manchester Apollo provided the perfect setting for them to perform songs off their latest album, ‘Our Love To Admire’ as well as digging up a whole range of back catalogue gems.

The band entered onto the stage looking subdued, behind them a screen flashing random visuals in front of the crowd, setting an eerie composition. Opening with ‘Pioneer to the Falls’ this would have been no surprise to the regular Interpol Fans. Although a predictable opening, lead singer Paul Banks still gave a stunning performance, which was only enhanced by the nifty legwork of guitarist Daniel Kessler; who energetically moved from the front of stage to the drum-kit throughout the entire set.

Throwing in ‘Slow Hands’ two songs into the set-list was a little surprising; it was difficult not to feel a little disappointed that this had not come towards the end of the set list. After an anti-climatic second song, ‘No I in Threesome’ was pounded out, with sleek bassist Carlos Dengler sliding between the catchy bass-riffs luring listeners into the dark lyrics. It was no question that tonight’s performance was tight and a very successful warm up show.

Raising the crowd’s level of energy with songs such as ‘C’mere’ ‘Henrich Manouevre’ and ‘Stellar Was a Driver’ the crowd surfers came out in their full tonight. Although the set-list was more than predictable it is not an overstatement to say that Interpol gave a perfect performance, warming the crowd up right in their own hands. If this didn’t encourage people to go out and buy all of their back catalogue of albums then I don’t know what else would step up to the mark in terms of a great performance. These are certainly a band to pay over the odds for even if you may be able to predict what they are going to churn out.

Listen: www.myspace.com/interpol