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The Impossible Story of Bubu

Io Monade Stanca

Last weekend I was invited out by my friends.

Typical Friday night activities that come with living in a rubbish city; rubbish cheap chain pub, full of people who went to your school that you don’t want to see. Real exciting stuff. However, instead of going out, I decided to spend my Friday night indoors. Not out of some stand against the concept of ‘Fridays Nights’ or pubs or whatever, it was no moral or ethical stand. No, I had to do a job application. A Friday night spent applying for a job that you know you won’t get, that you’re more than capable of doing, and that, if you did get offered it, you probably wouldn’t want it anyway. That was my Friday night. How is this relevant I hear you ask? Good question. Analogously, if Io Monade Stanca were in my shoes, they would not have chosen to stay in. Not only would they have gone to the pub, they would have got there, drunk their body weight in cheap spirits, kicked over all the tables, made out with one of the underage clientele, jabbered like a drunk vagrant, made everyone nervous, thrown some stools around, got in a fight with the overzealous barman, left and eaten a shitty kebab on the way home, after which they were sick everywhere. My point is not that Io Monade Stanca are a group of beer swilling lager louts, but that ‘The Impossible Story Of Bubu’ is an insane record. It really is. It’s completely deranged. And it’s pretty damn awesome.

Mixing the driving, clunking riffs of Shellac with the schizo-pop of Deerhoof, Io Monade Stanca have produced a record of spazzy rock record that manages to channel both the terrifying ramblings of the crazy drunk you’d avoid on the bus with the awe-inspiring rock behemoth that every guitarist dreams of joining. I do not know who or what Bubu is, but their story makes for a truly confusingly intriguing record, one that grabs your attention from the start and never lets up. It’s truly original sounding record. It’s rare for things to sound fresh and interesting, but Io Monade Stanca manages it with no sweat. Get this.

Listen: www.myspace.com/iomonadestanca