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Wavering Radiant


Wavering Radiant is one of the most intricate pieces of music I have heard in long time, Isis have managed to juxtapose beautifully textured and layered music next to some of the most crushing riffs around and all in the same track.

And in some places they are mesmerizingly able to do both at the same time!

If Isis were purely an instrumental band they would probably still be able to have the same potential with their music. However there are vocals but they are more a part of the music and so the high parts are lifted further by the ethereal style used and those crushing riffs are made all the more brutal by the throaty roar of vocalist Aaron Turner.

This is all helped along by the use of not only the guitars but Bryant Clifford Meyer’s use of electronics to make the sound all the more deeper to listen to and really round off the music in a way that sets them apart from almost anything else today. The only drag is that some of the tracks to do tend to go on a bit as the band try to cram a lot into each piece, but as this is more like orchestral music, you would never have said to Mozart or Beethoven ‘your music doesn’t half go on a lot!’.

Listen: www.myspace.com/sgnl05