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1000 Feet (Single)


I am going to try and write this piece before the new single from Ivyrise finishes.

Not as some kind of attempt at speed writing, but because there is no need for this review to delve between the lyrics, decode the Fibonacci time signature or work out if they are better as a band now or before they were sober.

Visitors to this site will have no time for Ivyrise as they are pure Radio 1/V Festival and certainly don’t need our seal of approval - they’ve supported Bon Jovi and had a Jason Nevins remix! Thats a Coldplay/Feeder/Scouting For Girls flavoured guarantee that their forthcoming will be in every mum-mobile by Christmas.

Apparently Kevin Spacey is a fan, proof if proof be needed that I and the readers of this review will see you (Ivyrise) on T4 very shortly - you boring arses.


Listen: www.myspace.com/ivyrise