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Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Jack Morgan

One man, one big sound.

The first collection of heartfelt songs from Jack Morgan comes in the shape of the 5 track “Sleep In Heavenly Peace”. Intro “Make No Mistake” is something that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if it was on a Pelican record. Gentle swaying guitar is backed by banks of chiming of bass and noise. Always a good thing if the listener is wishing that the intro to an album wouldn’t stop.

“Event” is where Jack shows his true colours as an acoustic strum-a-thon, it’s very Foo’y, and the haunting background vocals give the song a fuller sound, although it keeps going nowhere and there’s the solo and done. “No Strain” is a highlight, and has a definite air of Mr Rice or Miss Hannigan about it, the accompanying cello sounding like a sunken ship creaking inside a whale. “Furtherance” plays out like an Air/Stereolab/Sigur Ros collaboration which sounds unlikely if you knew these songs were in the 21 year olds bedroom...as a solo project.

“Ukul” is covered in shimmering waves of spacey electronics and really takes off at one point, a real shame that it’s less than 3 minutes. My only criticism of this disc is that the songs could be double the length and make more of an impact. I’m sure Jack is happy as the leader of his one man band, but these songs could explode if stretched outward and upward. Think Spiritualized. Nonetheless a promising start, look out for Jack Morgan...and friends?

Listen: www.myspace.com/nostrain