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The Haunted Year - Spring

Jackie Leven

A double live set, the latest in Leven’s scheme to re-release previously-limited editions, Spring sees us take in a set performed at the London Water Rats and one at Milford British Legion Club.

The London set is, perhaps unsurprisingly, more expansive in its sound, what with a superb jazz pianist (Michael Cosgrave) and some outstanding pipe-work (of the Uillean variety) from Stephan Hannigan. Glenarm / Burning the Box of Beautiful Things particularly shines, bringing the Highlands right into your head. Matters are instrumentally more restrained at Milford and there’s a great informality to proceedings as Leven mixes up some rarely-played solo tracks (Walking in Argyll) with favourite covers (Waiting For My Man, featuring glorious fuzz-work from guitarist Kevin Hewick).

Mix in the essential anecdotes and asides and we have a great example of the Jackie Leven live experience.

Listen: www.jackieleven.co.uk