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That Love Sound + Blush (Single)

Japanese Voyeurs

There really aren’t that many good band names around, are there?

Japanese Voyeurs’ own PR hollers that the band ‘should’ve been born twenty years ago’, which gives you an idea of what the band sound like and how desperate the PR machine was to find something good to say about them. What they do, they do well enough and if the reported reformation of Soundgarden suddenly turns another generation onto check shirts and quiet-loud-quiet-loud songs, the ‘Voyeurs are in the right place. Good luck with that.

Blush has a touch of PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth to go with the dollop of Mudhoney, otherwise it’s further poking at Kurt’s corpse, only this time with a female vocalist who goes from squeaky to shrieky. Live is, hopefully, where the band really shine and they’re not afraid of a bit of work; touring from Brighton to Inverness this month. On the strength of this single, that work ethic is going to come in handy.

Listen: www.myspace.com/japanesevoyeurs