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Shaka Rock


Just so we know where we stand on this, I actually own the Jet album ‘Get Born’.

I mean physically own it, none of this MPthree malarkey, and it wasn’t bought by accident. I enjoy the garage rock swagger of it all. So far so good, but I had to google Shaka Rock to find out it wasn’t Jet’s second album. That’s the sort of impact ‘Shine On’ had on my life.

I like Jet when they have that raw almost punk like sound to their music. The sort that swaggers about in total unashamed glee, seen once a month as Sir Fred goes to tell his manservant to pick up his pension from the post office with the wheelbarrow. Instead we’ve got a contemporary attempt to bottle the Rolling Stones essence and sell it to masses as some sort of sex panther type cologne.

Much of my view is coloured by comments such as this from Chris Cester “I think Shaka Rock is like when TV went colour. It’s our musical equivalent”. I’ve already made my thoughts on the single ‘She’s A Genius’ and worryingly the album continues in much a similar vein.

However if big guitars are for you, then this album is probably the perfect compliment. ‘Seventeen’ does a least try and change things up a little with some piano backing and as Jet songs go, ‘Walk’ is pretty cool. If anything for the change in pace and at least giving it a bit of believable vigour.

The band may have convinced themselves they’ve lost none of their energy and angst, but they struggle to pull the wool over my eyes with a heavily produced effort, which just feel fabricated.

Listen: www.myspace.com/jetListen: www.myspace.com/jet