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She’s A Genius (Single)


I can’t use up all my A grade material in this review, so you’re going to have to bear with me on this one.

I apologise in advance if it’s a little bland. ‘She’s A Genius’ is Jet’s ‘hello do you remember us’ to the world. Three years on from ‘Shine On’ and six from ‘Get Born’ comes ‘Shaka Rock’ the third album from the “acquired” taste Aussies.

Unfortunately ‘She’s A Genius’ does little to inspire confidence unless bland and soulless stadium rock is your thing. A quick bit of research, confirms that both Zane Lowe and Q have creamed their collective pantaloons over this. Go figure. Taking inspiration from ‘My Sharona’ which puts it firmly in the creative department of weetabix minis, ‘She’s A Genius’ has the rock ‘n’ roll swagger from a bygone era with Status Quo guitar duelling but ultimately just feels flat.

This and rhyming genius with serious, ironic or even worse, not is the final nail in ‘She’s A Genius’ coffin. It makes the person Paris Hilton paid to write songs for her look like Marie Curie.

Listen: www.myspace.com/jet