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The Firebug, Leicester, 4th September 2007

Judder and the Jack Rabbits

Down at the Firebug tonight you have a choice of doing the music quiz...

or venturing upstairs where you’ll discover a cheeky little venue all hooked up and ready for a bit of psychobilly and punk rock. It’s mid-week and we’re in Leicester, where people don’t seem to ’do’ gigs any more, so it’s thin on the ground, which is always a shame for the bands sake and for the sake of those who missed it!

Above: Radio City Riot

Opening are locals ’Luna Vegas’ with straight down the line, classic text book psychobilly complete with double bass, fake american accents, goulish lyrics & vocals. Good enough, but nothing to get you excited about, so I was most pleased when ’Radio City Riot’ hopped up on stage to liven things up with a fresh sound of punk-a-billy. These are 3 young lads from Brighton with a passion for performing... they’re cheeky, energetic and sometimes sloppy, but it really doesn’t matter that their harmonising needs a bit of polishing, their music makes up for it, especailly the guitar work from Ruby Bones... Rocking baby! There were moments when they sounded like they were gonna do a Green Day cover... please don’t let that put you off, they have far more layers than the latter, but I guess this will make them more accessable to the masses... is this the future of pyschobilly? Hmmmm, controvertial!

Above: Jim Sorrow

Next up Jim Sorrow (previously of Freaks Union) entertains the crowd solo, along with his banjo and the gift of the gab... or as he put it "one man and his bullshit", exactly! He blurted out the tunes, which consisted of songs about dodgy estates in Hull to songs about Whisky, all held together by ramblings from the inside of his head (all un-edited and rather odd), there was much laughter, some of it I think may have been nervous laughter, from the crowd. He ended his set by breaking a string on his banjo and replacing the current song with a made up ditty... nicely saved.

Above: Judder & The Jack Rabbits

The night so far had been a complete oddball of acts and ’Judder & The Jack Rabbits’ continue that flow by bringing Leicester a hybrid of psychobilly mixed with punk rock and hardcore vocals. It’s a brave move that works in a way that the Misfits would aprove of no doubt. The sound system wasn’t really set up to cope with Johns screaming and the lack of ’crowd’ was a definate low for the band, so they did pretty well at not caring about it and getting on with entertaining us. John filling the mosh pit on his own while the rest of the punters sat about on big leather sofas and enjoyed the sounds of the rabbits. They ended rather abruptly and it was a bit of an anti-climax, but I guess an encore was a bit too much to ask in the circumstances! Lets hope if they ever return to Leicester that people will drag their mates out, so that we can get a little mosh going at least... they deserve that surely.

Above: Judder & The Jack Rabbits