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Ace Of Spades (Single)

Jyl Millard

Let’s start with the usual critique of the accompanying PR bumf.

In regards to the Motorhead cover here, it claims that Millard’s version is "25% of the speed but 100% of the song!" Well, the version everyone knows is 2:49 (according to Wikipedia), whilst this version is 3:27 (according to the media player on my laptop), so either I’ve received a radio edit, or someone is lying pointlessly. Still, the parts of the original that have been left in have translated quite well. Instead of distorted riffs and frantic drumming, what we now have is nice and relaxed trip-hop in the vein of Portishead (and since they’re hardly prolific, there’s a gap in the market). Instead of pounding, the bass now throbs slowly, and whilst the vocals are still smoky and husky, it’s a lot more seductive than Lemmy’s rasp. The guitar solo towards the end has been replaced with an orchestral flourish, seemingly transplanted from a Bond theme tune, which at least gives it the spark of individuality that any decent cover needs.

The b-side is a bit less of a grabber, perhaps due to the lack of familiarity compared to the cover, but the Annie Lennox-like vocals and washes of programmed beats still hold the attention, as much as background music can anyway. It might not turn Jyl into an international superstar, but it’ll probably end up as a nice little curio for metalheads to chill out with on Sunday mornings.

Listen: www.myspace.com/jylmillard