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Then I Saw Summer And Sun On The Earth


I don’t know anything about Scandinavian folk music, so I’m probably not really terribly qualified to review this record.

But here it is in my CD tray, so I’ll give it a go. What does it sound like? Well, bits of it sound like something Tolkien might have heard in his head, bits of it sound kind of like Nordic Morris dancing and bits of it sound rather like something you might hear at an overenthusiastic Bar Mitzvah. There are lots of weird instruments amongst the guitars and slightly witchy sounding vocals and a few instrumental songs. It actually freaks me out a bit and puts me properly on edge in places, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps the Norwegian lyrics are actually about drowning kittens or something, who knows. In all seriousness, if you fancy listening to something completely different (assuming you’re not a Scandinavian folk aficionado) then you might find a lot to like here, it’s certainly interesting. It stands up to repeated listens well, there’s lots to it… I just don’t really understand it!

Listen: www.myspace.com/kalbakken