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Night Is The New Day


Sweden’s Katatonia have come a long way since they formed back in 1991 and the landscape of metal has changed significantly.

Progressive metal has exploded out of the underground thanks to the likes of Mastodon and fellow Swedes Opeth. After producing a steady line of albums, newest album Night Is The New Day still has the Stockholm quintet’s ever so distinct melodic edge that sets them apart from the rest of the Scandinavian metal scene.

Production wise, Night Is The New Day is a multi-textured, intense affair that blends crushing doom metal with passages of dreamy shoe gazing and a touch of folk sensibility. It’s cold yet ever so complex. The vocals of Jonas Renkse are spine-chilling and resonate with such clarity. Needless to say, this is a dark album from beginning to end.

It would be easy to draw comparisons to Opeth or even some of the more underground bands like Swallow The Sun but Katatonia have managed to set themselves apart as a different animal altogether. The tightly knit intricate guitar patterns that borderline on apocalyptic post metal which adds further dimensions - the progressive metal rulebook isn’t being re-written here but first class rendition is definitely displayed.

Night Is The New Day is an album that serenades and smashes you over the head at the same time. Without a doubt a stellar effort from the Swedes creating one of the best metal records of the year.

Listen: www.myspace.com/katatonia