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The Flood (Single)

Katie Melua

King Womble’s protégé seems to be experimenting.

There’s an Abba string motif (Chiquitita? Satanists have been imprisoned for conjuring less) and a Coldplay-does-X-Factor chorus. Melua’s pristine voice attempts ‘atmospheric’ and achieves ‘clinical’. No surprise so far, you may think, as your nose begins its snort-curl. This might be why, after two and half minutes, Miss M. and her groovy LA friends decide to say whatever passes for ‘fuck it’ in Ikea and tip the track into a wedding reception at Crystal’s. It is quite unbelievably poor, the musical equivalent of those Microsoft ‘Windows 7 party’ videos.

And then she androids-up a Bill Monroe song. When 6Music is finally closed, it’s this we shall be left with.

Listen: www.katiemelua.com