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Kelly 8

I first saw Kelly 8 a few years ago in Leeds, I believe - possibly at one of the old Rocktober fests, or a Bombed Out all dayer… I forget when exactly, but it’s not important anyway.

The important thing is that they were ace, and on the strength of the show I bought their album. Sadly I have since lost said album.

That’s OK though, because this new one blows it - and indeed an awful lot of albums - right out of the water. I genuinely can’t think of another band that sounds quite like Kelly 8, and that’s a very good thing. Angular, surgical rhythms underpin surging, by turns clinical and gentle guitar lines, but what really sets Kelly 8 apart from the crowd is Pia Högberg’s incredible vocals.

It’s rare for an ostensibly punk based band to have a really powerful vocalist and rarer still a vocalist that can really sing. That’s exactly what Pia does - she belts out the songs with the kind of power and emotion you’d expect from someone like PJ Harvey, and you just can’t help but be entranced.

Listen: www.myspace.com/kelly8