Die Shellsuit, Die!

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New Zealand three piece Kerretta are certainly not beating down the door of Instrumental Rock’s Big Boy Club, yelling at the dinosaurs inside “Do something Interesting” (can someone do this please?

Really. And no I don’t mean avant guard noise side project forming huge great steaming piles of Poop-a-Mcturd on my hard drive, no matter how awesome their day job band is) they do everything here well & with no shortage of gusto & volume for a mere three fellas.

I was pretty close to typing the word “Yawn” when I’m made to feel like a book cover judging fool. The straight up rock with an utterly delicious bass sound (that just screams of Shellac’s Bob Weston, who mastered the record) hits me in the ears & crossly shushes me & tells me to keep listening. As I never ignore the advice of a dirty Shellac-y bassline. I do just that.

There’s no question you can hear Mogwai maybe even Isis & some early Pelican in here, but there are discordant pulses & pounding drums, strangely 80’s Goth production even. The ’Something being played backwards’ sound on ’Nest Of Spies’ gave me eargasms.

Unlike a large proportion of self indulgent masturbatory noodlings in the wide ranging yet frequently bland genre. This record, when it gets going, has a good beat & you can dance to it.

Much as Peter Jackson (it’s against the law to mention New Zealand without mentioning Mr. Jackson. Truth) to put the fun back into Summer Blockbusters (take note Lucas, take many many notes) Kerretta, in the most part, put the interest back into instrumental.

Listen: www.myspace.com/kerretta