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Three Man Party


The surrealcore trio of Goatboy, Orta and Floatstarpx, together known as Kieronononon, are back with their follow up to last year’s ‘Brutaltechnopunk’ EP (a haphazard bash-up of hardcore and low budget 8-bit electro), and it’s even more of a WTF?

patchwork than before.

‘Three Man Party’, Kieronononon’s fourth EP in three years, adds even more styles to their brutaltechnopunk mix. Horrors-style garage psych, death metal and even more B-movie shtick are thrown together on the sludgy ‘And You’re Not James Bond Either’, while ‘Eventually He Did’ turns out as a free-form, spoken word grindcore number. Grind pops up again on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers-meets-early Napalm Death (with Zig and Zag on vocals).

Most noticeable is their use of fuzz and feedback, as noise duo Fuck Buttons do, on the burring electronic of ‘Vampire Vodka Party?’ and the (slightly) more conventional hardcore of ‘But I Really Shouldn’t Have’, which is drenched in it. They manage to fit a Goldie Lookin’ Chain style rap in there too.

‘Three Man Party’ doesn’t quite have as many good songs as its predecessor, but this gang of roughed-up musical magpies are still one of the underground’s best kept secrets nonetheless.

Listen: www.myspace.com/kieronononon