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Taylor John’s House, Coventry 15/03/2008

King Hermit

Well here’s something you don’t normally hear about, a gig starting at 7pm.

Why? Well this was an all ages gig and of course some of these kids need to be in bed by 10 or at least I do. Which is where I should have gone after the gig and not ended up in the police cells, but that’s a different tale. This gig was set up by King Hermit whose EP launch party it was on BH/BB Records.

The gig started off with Coventry’s The Allies, a band formed by an organisation in Coventry that works with young carers. So half the band are under the drinking limit hence the all ages gig. Anyway, for a band that were only up to their second ever gig they played with a confidence normally only seen in seasoned bands. Their style may be the well trodden route of mainstream rock but they do it… err… well.

Next up were Acheri, pronounced Akearee, another young band and I think this was heir first gig together in this format and it did show. But fair play to young bands for having the balls to go on stage and do their thing. I have to admit the most impressive thing about them was the blue light on the guitarists fret board, it was more mainstream rock but there is definitely potential there.

Last on was King Hermit, as I said this was their EP Launch Party and they kicked off with the 3rd song from that EP Blood Stains On My White Hands and proceeded to play a strong set of great songs. This band does not conform to the mainstream and for a 3 piece they produce a sound that many larger bands fail to achieve. Highlights for me were the songs Damn You Weekdays! and the title track from their EP Home Cooked Cookin’.

Listen: www.myspace.com/kinghermit