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Maps of Rebellion


I like Klay.

I think you will do as well. If you like Kerbdog, At the Drive In, Oceansize and Fall of Troy; then so will you as well.

From the house of Lockjaw, comes alt-rockers Klay. You might have seen them playing with stalwarts Tribute to Nothing recently. Their new album “Maps of Rebellion” is full of post-rock build-ups, urgent hardcore harmonies and beard stroking guitar workouts - it is quite simply a joy to listen to. It’s not worth me dissecting the album, I am just the judge - you my friends are the jury. Klay provide a restored faith in the British rock scene. They aren’t jumping on any passing wagons driven by a pair of haircuts - just doing it, and doing it well.

The album is out on the 22nd of June, and I’m sure they’ll be touring in the coming months - go support something worthwhile.

Listen: www.myspace.com/klay