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Snake Magnet


A swaggering, jerking corpse of an album we have today.

All crazy percussion, jagged guitars, rumbling bass and not-full-shilling-vocals. Kong are the band that have been shoved in an attic away from the rest of the family since birth and left to play roll around in their own mess with a copy of “Songs About Fucking” to keep them company and social services out to lunch.

There is an unashamedly Albini influence here. One that is assimilated and used in the good way. Ignore the fact that a couple of members moonlight in Oceansize and knuckle down to “Snake Magnet” and its collection of dynamic, guitar skronk.

Opener “Leather Penny” staggers in on a bruising bass line and dirty riffing straight out of the Shellac book of guitar annoyance. Settling down into a rough pattern of noise and melody with the vocals kicking up a stink. It continues on with “Blood Of A Dove” and “Wet Your Knives” carrying on the aural abuse and bewilderment until the sinewy bass of “Good Graphics” rolls in and the track starts it downward spiral into electronic bleeping hell. The album keeps its own pace throughout the many changes and dynamics. Ending with the repetitive, rotating “K(l)ong” and its 8 minutes of tantrum. Awesome.

There is a carefully drawn line that dictates over the top for the sake of it “wackiness” and Kong are bouncing all over it.

Listen: www.myspace.com/kongdom