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Shallow Life

Lacuna Coil

Irony hangs heavy upon Lacuna Coil, it would seem.

Their name translates as ‘empty spiral’. This album has been touted as ‘career defining’ and a concept ‘containing references toward superficial lifestyles’. All well and good, until you listen to the thing and wonder if the band is actually releasing an extended Eurovision audition tape. Without the swooping warbles of la Scabbia, they sound like an Italian Linkin Park tribute band - the male vocal in particular sounds hilarious, especially when he goes for ‘scary’ or ‘menacing’ and merely reaches ‘ill’. He sorts himself out to sound passable on Unchained but it’s way too late by then. Spellbound is quite catchy in a female-fronted Queensryche kind of way and The Pain has an interesting spooky keys intro that Bjork would be quite happy with. The trouble is you’re never far away from the horrible thought that you’re listening to MOR-Goth. They need to break that spiral.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lacunacoil