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Into The Volcano

Last Stop China Town

And the winner most inappropriate band name of the year goes to....Last Stop China Town.

That’s two words: China and Town, as in a town made of China...oh-kay.

It’s a shame they have a name that sounds like a Fall Out Boy, as these guys are pack a punch...or should I say chop?

“Into The Volcano” is a slab of modern metal that starts off with the rolling “Mechanical Sunrise” which is a belter of a calling card for the West Midlander’s. “Blood In The Snow” is an unnecessary intro to “Pain Of A Thousand” which has a tight groove and a chorus that is reminiscent of Andy Cairns (Therapy?). Unfortunately “Voices” is their attempt at a power-ballad but comes across as a Silverchair b-side. I think it is singer Alon’s chameleonic vocals that seem to range from Bruce Dickinson to Glenn Danzig with a little “urggh” here and there which sounds like an afterthought. Lead track “Into The Volcano” picks up the pace again and has some great drum work from Adam - power metal without the cheese. My personal highlight is “Raised to Ruin” which gallops into an awesome riff and chorus that could give any modern metal band a run for their money.

My only negative comment about “Into The Volcano” is the production. Either Mr John A Rivers has never heard a metal record in his life or he just sent the demo’s off to the factory. The mixing really lets down the record in a “..and justice for all” kind of way; as if each member of the band was sneaking in the studio after hours to push up their levels. I think I heard the Bass once and the Guitar!? C’mon Mr Rivers...these riffs shouldn’t be hidden. Research showed that his credits include Fun Boy Three!? Apart from that minor gripe, theses guys rock. Please show your tickets please...Last Stop China Town.

Listen: www.myspace.com/laststopchinatown