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Club Mission, Leeds - 05.10.2008

Late Of The Pier

Everyone has been raving on about ‘Late Of the Pier’ saying that their debut album ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ is one of the best debuts in a long time - like I haven’t heard all that before!

I have listened to the album and it was a good fun in yer face collection of tunes. Maybe I hadn’t heard what everyone else had been listening to? Why had I not got it like everyone else?

I will admit this, I was asked to review ‘Late Of The Pier’ live and I was really going for the support band ‘Midnight Juggernauts’, I had seen them live at the Latitude festival earlier this year and was left stunned by such a breath of fresh air.

The gig was held at a club called Mission in the middle of Leeds. I hadn’t come across the club before, and first impressions were fully satisfied - what a club! 2 rooms of a good size each with a fantastic sound system. The feeling of the club was right; the clubbers were all there for a good time even on a school night.

The support (who as previously written, I was here for) ‘Midnight Juggernauts’ didn’t disappoint me again. They came on for a short set of 30ish minutes, covering all the bigger tunes from their ‘Dystopia’ including ‘Into The Galaxy’ and ‘Shadows’, the 3 piece from down under had the crowd in the palm of their hands, everyone was positively reacting to the enormous tunes.

After a set which was cut short by previous over running sets, Erol Alkan, who produced the headliners album (and is an original and fantastic DJ) left the stage to make way for the main reason why everyone was here. The time was 1.20am and then ‘Late Of The Pier’ took the already excited crowd and ripped into their debut album like a hurricane. The band blew me away. The room was packed full, sweaty and being thoroughly entertained. The Nottingham based four members of the Pier obviously work so well together having been together for 7 years. 7 years! They look so young, how can a group who are young and have been together for 7 years can only just be releasing their debut album? The sounds these young ‘uns are creating have obviously been influenced by early electro mixed with the psychedelic 60’s.

After the gig finished and was walking away at 2 O’clock on a Monday morning with an hours drive ahead of me, knowing I was having to get up to go to work at 6.30am, I didn’t care. I couldn’t believe how much I had enjoyed myself. I re-listened to both ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Black Fantasy Channel’ the next day, they both sounded even better than previous listens. But most of all, I suddenly got ‘Late Of The Pier’ and realised that they are a great band but live, they are fantastic.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lateofthepier