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ULU - 28th February 2008

Late Of The Pier

Articulating Late Of The Pier’s sound successfully is akin to the confusing task of establishing who’s who, amid the selection of ever-multiplying names of members within the band.

Conveying how three of the Castle Donington quartet, equal the flamboyancy of their synth-driven indie pop with extravagant outfits, while they stand behind matching foil boxes of musical tricks at the front of ULU’s stage, is somewhat easier, however.

Sporting, a gaudy, gold lamè jacket on the far left, synth operator, Jack Paradise/ Sam Potter has replaced his usual finger-pressing nonchalance, with frenzied tapping and disjointed dancing tonight, while to his left a turquoise clad singer, Sam Dust/ Samuel Eastgate brings on the eighties homage, as they indulge the audience in sci-fi stomper, Space In The Woods.

The second highlight arrives with the band’s oddball offering and new single, Bears Are Coming. The melodic reverbs of which, resemble the erupting belches that would unleash if a dozen robots downed a few too many litres of fizzy drinks.

Erratic movements among the crowd transform in to sequenced jolts for Heartbeat, which features the least electronics (aside from the obvious banter between songs) of their entire set, but then there are no wind-down moments with Late Of The Pier.

Step up, Francis Dudley Dance (if that is indeed his name), who has remained relatively unnoticed until now, as he brings his bass forth to bask in the eccentric glory of Bathroom Gurgle. He and crowd alike are soon engulfed in the theatrics of Sam’s haunting vocal work-out, as the front-man demonstrates a range that would make the average diva blush, instructing everyone to dance in line with Francis’ bass-line. This continues up until the last faint trails of the track have left the speakers, and only then does the movement cease to a halt.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lateofthepier