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Let the Truth Be Told

Laura Izibor

Let me start by explaining that I got sent a random stack of CDs instead of choosing stuff that I would probably be listening to anyway, and consequently I received this and a few other albums that I would not normally ask to review.

To be perfectly honest, if it came on the car stereo I’d probably change the station to something a bit angrier. Subsequently, I have a fairly shallow pool of knowledge to draw upon, and I must apologise for the abysmal frame of reference at my disposal.

However, it’s comforting to be able to report that no matter what scene you come from, there always seems to be those who lead, and those who follow. The PR sheet mentions that Laura Izibor has been “drawing stylistic comparisons to seminal soul singers such as Candi Stanton, Roberta Flack, and Aretha Franklin”, but I can make the comparison at lot more succinct - This sounds like Alicia Keys. If I knew more about R’n’B, I might be able to go further, but it really wouldn’t be worth it. Actually, I think I can manage a bit. The gospel choir on the closing track ‘Mmm...’ makes it sound like R Kelly’s ‘I Can Fly’, and some of the more glossy dancefloor-orientated sections sound a bit like Kelly Rowland, but overall, I’m afraid the similarities to Ms. Keys and her piano-driven warblings kept coming through.

This is Ms. Izibor’s debut album, and it contains some perfectly nice pop R’n’B that you can probably hear on any radio station (that isn’t Kerrang), which I suppose is the problem. Given that she’s signed to Atlantic, without some banal reality TV show or a celebrity benefactor, I’m not holding out much hope for them renewing her contract. But like I said before, this isn’t really my thing, so what do I know.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lauraizibor