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Left Side Brain

The world of rock music is a world of capricious fortune and broken dreams.

A quick look back at the etchings of history and we find bands, perhaps at one time thought of my many as forerunners at the apex of rock music, who may have gone unheard of by others until all that is left as evidence of their existence is a sticker on a wall. Kerbdog, you say? Never heard of them. The world is changing, tastes are changing, and progress for the sake of progress is predictably rife. We must be seen to be moving forward, of course, and we may even choose to open our eyes on occasion.

Some would have you believe that this disc is like a sandwich from a train station vending machine: past its sell-by date. The conclusion I’m therefore forced to draw is that the world has clearly forgotten things it really shouldn’t have forgotten. Luckily, there are those who still work tirelessly to make sure this never happens. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. To walk up a downwards escalator is not, as some would claim, an exercise in futility, nor a sign that you are doing something wrong. Three albums and still going strong: case closed. Some have merely forgotten a time where genre prefixes were not a fucking prerequisite. Ladies and gentlemen: rock music.

The constants in Left Side Brain’s equation are all defining attributes. A barrage of riffs to craft the songs, always present yet never taken for granted or pushed to the side. Drums hit so hard that shares in snare skins have surely skyrocketed. Vocal melodies and interspersing harmonies sung with such intent that current standards for use of the word ’infectious’ are having to be revisited.

The band’s latest outing is particularly adrenaline fuelled, with a sense of urgency that is becoming all the rarer in an age where safety always seems to come first. Raw without compromising the huge production sound that suits them so well, catchy without sounding at all diluted, and the perfect mix of honesty and attitude.

More accessible than Helmet but with less of a sharpened edge, time will tell whether walking a roman road will do them good or harm. I can safely report however, there is quite literally never a dull moment, and with song writing of this standard, that ’experimental album’ can happily lie permanently dormant. From the ballsy opener of ’Ad Hominem’, past the gritty riff-fest of ’Weaponise’ to the epic, Tool-esque finale of ’Chewer’, this is one of those rides you’ll want to queue up for again and again.

The simple fact remains that rock music of this calibre is becoming hard to find in this day and age. If we cannot live in the past, then Left Side Brain are exactly what we need in 2009. So where does this leave you? Craving for a taste of the action, I imagine. What we have here is a career-to-date highlight from one of the finest rock bands in the UK. Pure conjecture? More than that. Ladies and gentlemen: Collider.

Listen: www.myspace.com/leftsidebrain