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Colloblast (Single)

Left Side Brain

Having released their third and arguably finest album to-date earlier this year, Left Side Brain gave us a kick up the backside with ’Collider’, showing the world how rock music should be played.

Bringing melody and attitude in equally large doses and with song writing skills to match, LSB are currently giving Therapy? a run for their money in the rock stakes. ’Colloblast’ is one the many highlights from ’Collider’, and is released here as a downloadable single accompanied by something a bit special. In advance of the tribute album that is due for release in early 2010, Left Side Brain have covered Kerbdog’s ’Severed’ from the now legendary album ’On The Turn’. Well not only do they do the song justice, they make it sound absolutely bloody huge and give it a bit of a personal touch; a fitting tribute to a band who were clearly an influence on the Bristol quartet. But enough about Kerbdog; Left Side Brain prove with ’Colloblast’ that they can more than capably hold their own and are pretty much kings of the riff right now, and British rock music is made all the stronger with their inclusion.

Listen: www.myspace.com/leftsidebrain