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Koko, London - 28.11.2008

Les Gars

In a break from the formulaic indie-pop tunes being aired in the Koko’s club tonight, Les Gars strip it back to basics, with astringent rock songs that attack in short bursts of jagged punk with all the force of a much needed slap in the face.

Barely a year old in terms of band age the Toronto trio’s sound takes vintage roots in a grunge-garage amalgam, infused together these boys sound considerably hairier and older than they actually look. The fast paced naughties treatment conceals all traces of old grunge giants, Mudhoney and Nirvana, but for the Kurt nostalgia in singer, Vello Verder’s vocals, and there’s even a hint of Strokes here and there.

While Marc Delparte’s bass lines vibrate their way through the crowd’s stomachs, Vello hollers, rough and ready rasps that sound like he’s been gargling backstage with a liquor and gravel mouthwash that’s left his mouth red raw. Perhaps a comment on the present economic climate, Les Gars or the guys-as it translates, offer something for nothing-throwing their CDs towards the eagerly waving arms in the air.

Nice Way To See Things and last song Maxine, prove why these boys will be missed as their tour ends, and they jump back over the pond, leaving the crowds home-from-home of recent months to brood, ‘til the next round.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lesgars