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Go Go Go (& Nick Bridges Ft. Luciana) (Single)

Lethal Bizzle

Do you remember Luciana?

She was in a band called Portabella that appeared on some reality battle of the bands type thing. They told her to dump the rest of her band & they’d sign her. She does the chorus on this track. Just saying.

It begins like every car alarm in your street going off & doesn’t stop. Lethal Bizzle tells us lots of things he wants & likes (Gambling, Tequila & Ibiza amongst others, deep stuff, truly).

(Depending on which mix/edit you listen to) Lethal Bizzle has supermodel bitches (which becomes ’hotties’ on the clean & radio edits) on tow. Now I know Naomi Campbell has a less than pleasant record as employer, but Heidi Klum always seemed pretty neat to me, does she need to be called a bitch? I know Resident Evil was a travesty, but Mila Yonnovitch was Leelo & The Fifth Element kind of kicked?

The weird bit is, that not-a-very-nice-thing-to-call-a-lady-word is sung by Luciana. You remember her don’t you? She was in a band called Portabella who were on a reality Battle of The Bands type thing to win a record contract with Island records. They signed her & told her all male band to bugger off.

Judging by the popularity of tracks like Dizzee Rascal’s “Bonkers” or the This-song-would-be-so-good-if-it-was-just-Mc-ing-&-no-auto-tune-ness of Tiney Tempah’s “Pass Out” or the frankly baffling, but so so so so catchy & danceable Steve Aoki’s ”I’m In The House” (Feat. [[[Zuper Blahq]]], search YouTube for the video, it’s worth the headache) it seems to me, yet again Bizzle has hit the tone & mood (That mood is dirty beats you can bounce to & party choruses shout along to) nail right on the head.

Despite the less than lady positive lyrics, this is a straight up club banger with a sense of frivolity I can get behind. I think this is going to boot a lot of summer parties up the wazoo & assure that our man can afford that jet & have no problem getting Kelly Brook to return his calls.

(Oh & Mr. Lethal sir, I don’t like bingo either)

Listen: www.myspace.com/lethalbizzlemusic